Red Sox to Build 5,000 Seat Theater Right Near Fenway

While one of the best parts of going to games at Fenway Park is soaking in the history that’s associated with the stadium, the Red Sox are always looking for ways to improve it without damaging the historic atmosphere Fenway’s acquired. Even when they added seats at the top of the Green Monster, for instance, they kept the ladder folks used when home run balls had to be retrieved after getting stuck in the netting that was previously there. With that in mind, it’s very interesting that the Red Sox announced plans to build a “5,000 person capacity performing arts center” located on Lansdowne Street behind the bleachers.

The announcement came in the form of a letter to the Boston Planning and Development Agency discussing projects the Fenway Sports Group will be working on this offseason, including what will be known as the Fenway Theater. The Fenway Sports Group claims the theater will be used for “wide variety of entertainment and civic events on a year-round basis” (a move that will obviously help bring money in for the team’s ownership even during baseball’s offseason).

In addition to the theater, the projects being worked on this offseason “would include a new area connected to the back of the ballpark’s bleachers that will feature concession stands, restrooms and other elements designed to enhance the fan experience in the bleachers.” This addition will make life a little easier for folks sitting in the bleachers who previously had to walk a relatively long way to get to the bathroom or concession stands before having to deal with waiting in line (I know, I know, #FirstWorldProblems).

As it stands now, the new development will replace some parking garages and a few other structures in the area. While it’s not exactly clear how this will impact the view fans have, it hopefully won’t impact the view you get of downtown Boston from the top of the bleachers — a view that makes being far away from the action a little easier to deal with (I know, I know, #FirstWorldProblems again).

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