Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Despite the supposed War on Christmas that some folks say liberals like me are promoting, I wanted to take a moment to wish folks a Merry Christmas. For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, Happy December 25!!

When I was in elementary school, I distinctly remember one of my classmates who happened to be Hindu saying that she loved Christmas. Being a fifth grader who didn’t realize I might be crossing a line, I gave her a quizzical look and asked what she meant since she didn’t celebrate the holiday. She responded by saying she appreciated how people seemed to be in a festive mood and believed it was a great time to be around loved ones.

The adult me realizes folks might be going through trying times during the holidays and others might not be able to be with family for various reasons, but I think the sentiment my schoolmate expressed still stands. I know I’m extremely grateful for the time I get to spend with my family and the well wishes I’ve received from friends today — especially considering I’m still recovering from a major health scare earlier this month.

On a purely superficial level, I also must admit that the baseball fan in me gets a kick out of seeing all the posts online from people showing off the Red Sox gear and memorabilia they’ve received. Of course, it helps that there’s a whole bunch of new stuff to acquire this year since Boston won the World Series!!

With that in mind, I hope everyone enjoys the day and takes a moment to celebrate the positive things in their life.

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